About Me

About Me

Just another guy on a mission to turn caffeine into code. With a knack for crafting cloud-native apps and enterprise software, I'm the digital architect you never knew you needed. By day, I'm weaving the fabric of safe, scalable, and efficient solutions that fuel business growth. By night, you'll find me in a cozy code cave, automating tech wizardry to banish manual intervention. Love exploring the world of zeros, ones, and a sprinkle of geeky charm.

Quick heads up!

These blogs are essentially my brain's external hard drive, documenting things I'll inevitably forget and need to revisit. Feel free to borrow a page from my forgetful notes if it suits your fancy.

Consider yourself warned

I'm a self-taught wizard. No fancy mentor, just me, technical docs, a few good books, and a lot of trial and error. Tutorials videos? Nah, not my jam. But toss a technical blog my way, and I'm all ears. Keep in mind, these are just my thoughts, brewed in the lab of personal experimentation. There might be a smoother way to ride this tech wave, but hey, this is how I surf.

I am reachable via email on hello@tahmid.org